Travelreport No. 64  -  Italy, Fance, 13th April to 11th May 2015  -  1992km and 21'895m alt. diff.
Bellinzona - Luino - Vercelli - Asti - Bossolasco -Ventimiglia - Nizza - Verdon-Schlucht - Ardèche - Le Cheylard - Bourg-en-Bresse - Neuchâtel - Bern - Ibergeregg - Vals

Italy and France are really worth a cycling tour, especially in spring with all the blossoms. It was beautiful  to pedal along Lago Maggiore and the on the bike path along the Ticino river. And we found small roads with hardly any traffic through Piemont, often with great views. Exciting too the many beautiful passes and the italien villages down to the Côte d'Azur.  One day along the coast was enough for us and we very happy to go inland again after Nizza. But really impressing was the Gorge of Vernon, the fantastic green and blooming landscapes and last but not least the food in France. Also here many less frequented small roads, but this also meant to pedal many altitude meters. But also the finish through Switzerland was enjoyable. But we have to admit that the weather was very kind to us, we had one day (which we spent in a hotel) of hard rain, and pedalling only for half an hour on the whole tour in the rain.