Travelreport No. 63 - Baja California Mexico - 25.10. - 28.11.2014, 1800km and 12'770 Altitude
USA/Canada/Baja Travel, 1.5. - 28.11.2014, Total - 11650 km and 113'166 Altitude Meters 

It took about 5 minutes to cross the border into Mexico. Nobody is asking any questions, the immigration office is hidden somewhere, so we cycle without visaform directly to the first Warmshowers hosts in Mexico. Right away we experience the wonderful great hospitality and warmth of the Mexican people. But next day we have to organize the visaform for Baja California, then find a bank to pay the 25 dollar that every tourist needs who stays longer than 7 days here. With this confirmation go back to the border, find the immigration office to get the visa stamp. Too bad, there is a whole bus load full of chinese tourists, which means waiting in the small, hot office of the friendly officer.
Next day the tour in Baja starts, with the great luck to be able to cycle with the cycling club of Tijuana for the first 40 km. It would be wise, to take the bus down to San Quintin, because these first 3 days are nothing to be excited about and there is heavy traffic. It only would be a pitty to miss Ensenada, because there is such a fantastic warmshowers host, who showed us all the interesting spots in the area, and he and his family cooked for us the most wonderful mexican food.
After San Quintin is the landscape very attractive so one would like to stop every 500 meters to shoot some pictures. And the incredible diversity of the cactus family is so great, you feel like walking in a garden. And to put up the tent in there is just incredible, the silence in the desert, the sparkling sky - we just love it. Temperatures and weather are in November great for cycling. But it is not recommendable for cyclists who do their first tour because of the narrow roads. Even so we have to say, that the mexican drivers, especially the truck drivers, really take care and even drive behind the cyclists if necessary.
In the saddle for 20 days, a couple of days resting and sightseeing on the way, and 10 days of holidays in Los Cabos which is working hard to recover from the Hurricane Odile.

USA/Canada/Baja Travel, 1.5. - 28.11.2014, Total - 11650 km and 113'166 Altitude Meters