CANADA Travel report, 20.7. - 17.8.14

Roseville - Banff - Jasper - Lillooet - Vancouver - Victoria, 2500km

Reaching Banff was a shock, back to civilisation, lots of traffic and people after a long period of quiet and beautiful backcountry gravel roads. The route to Jasper via Icefield Parkway, passing many glaciers, lakes, clear rivers and forests and the 1600m high vertical cliffs towering directly above the road, is very impressive. Unforgettable too, sitting on a lake at sunset and listening to a howling wolf nearby, next to watching other wildlife like bears and elk. In Jaune Tete Caché and Bridge Lake we stay at Warmshowers hosts and are so lucky to meet these great people and get helpful informations. To get off the highway we take a beautiful but steep gravel road to Pemberton. In famous and stunning Whistler (mountains and lakes), where we have seen so many bikers as nowhere else, we get another chance to feel like at home, staying with amiable Craig.

The highway to Vancouver is too busy and we are happy to finally reach the Marine Drive into the bikefriendly city. Here you find biking trails and lines everywhere. Vancouver is also known for great Sushis which we loved to taste often. And the mix of people from different cultures - 52% of city residents having a first language other than English. It is here, that we get the chance to meeting and spending little but great time together with our Warmshowers hosts from Ecuador, Steven and Maria with their kids Carla and Ramon, who are living now in Canada. Then the ferry takes us to Vancouver Island and our way leading via Victoria back to the USA.