Travelreport Portugal - Switzerland- Vals,  No 53, 4.5. - 29.5.2012 and 27.6. - 30.6.2012

Lisbon - Algarve - Evora - Lisbon - flight to Zurich

After 5 years finally back in Europe. To us, everything here in Portugal seems new, clean and well maintained. We seem to have forgottten what beautiful citys Europe has to offer. Cobbled streets, historic buildings, monuments, charming cafes where excellent Bicas are served (espresso) and nice ambience. It's spring time and the flowers and shrubs bloom in all imaginable colors and the aroma of eucalyptus and pine trees hangs in the air. Fascinating cork oaks are seen everywhere along the road. Now we know exactly where the wine bottle corks come from. Tehn we wonder about the non-honking cars and enjoy this relaxing peace.

Returning to Switzerland

The only thing that dampend our enthusiasm was Pius's prostate problem, which already troubled in India. The unpopular decision is made and we fly to Switzerland for medical examination. The cause of the problems was found and the treatment is successful in progress. For a few weeks we stay with our daughter Nicole and Beat and try to get used to the Swiss life and prices. Above all, we enjoy seeing friends and family again.

Winterthur to Vals, 27.6. - 30.06.2012

In short stages we were able to bike to Vals, camping the first night at the lake of Zurich in Rapperswil, then visiting our dear friends and family and finally cycling together towards Vals. Behind a bend on the mountain road is a great surprise waiting for us, the Vals Alphorn players who honor us with a serenade. When entering the village of Vals, the cycling club, friends and relatives are waiting with a band saying "welcome home" and then glasses were raised to our reception. Filled with emotions and joy it makes it easy for us to feel at home again. Great thanks to everybody!

For statistics freaks
- pedalled 71'346 km (some km's are missing for the second circumnavigationsome, but projects are in our mind ..... )
- Repaired 112 flat tires
.. and we still cycle with the same Aarios bicycle frames and the same Rohloff speedhub