Kenya Travel Report No. 50, 1.11. - 14.11.2011

Kajido - Nairobi - Naivasha - Nakuru - Nairobi

On Kenya's main roads is a lot of traffic with cars that often leave us in black clouds of exhaust. And unpaved roads are too muddy to be ridden with the bike in the wet season. Thus, we shorten our trip and stay a few days on a beautiful campground directly on Lake Naivasha with grazing hippos at night, colobus monkeys and countless birds. Disappointing is the Hell's Gate Park. It is more exciting to proceed to an alkaline lake with thousands of pink flamingos and to cycle through areas with lots of wildlife. Back in Nairobi we can be pick up after 9 days the 1/2 year visa for India in a time consuming procedure.

The 9-month trip through Africa was great, with fantastic wildlife, great nature and diverse landscapes. The possibility to watch wild animals while camping or sitting on the bike saddle were very impressive experiences. The many interesting encounters with the hospitable and helpful people contributed to a very positive impression to southern- and eastern Africa.