Beograd - Sibiu (Romania)

Endless corn-, wheat- and sunflower-fields for 150 km, flat land, which means fast travelling.

Border crossing into Romania was no problem. To explore towns along the way, to see how farmers plough with the horses, to cycle through remote areas where there is no car passing by for hours, to enjoy the hilly wooded landscape, the clear mountain creeks, the gothic towns with buildings from the Austria/Hungerian Empire, but also very poor areas - all this makes Romania an interesting country, worth visiting. With the cycle it's sometimes difficult. On the main roads is real haevy traffic and the side roads are often in a desolate state.

Since Beograd we always camped, often in romantic places or with great views and washed in rivers or just with a bottle of water. Now we splurge and stay in a beautiful guesthouse with own bathroom with warm water - what a luxury.