Travelreport No. 48, Malawi, 17.8. - 8.9.2011

Lilongwe - Senga Bay - Nkhata Bay - Chitimba - Karonga

Malawi has one of the highest population densities in Africa with half of the population under 15 years of age and also remains one of the world poorest countries. The travel anong the lake, which covers a fifth of Malawi's total area, is an easy and smooth affair with a lot of official campsites. So we spend some restful days at the beautiful beaches. Malawiens are friendly and helpful and the plentyful kinds shout normally a friendly Hello, from time to time also Give me money. Not suprisingly, Malawiens held some street demonstrations against rising food prices, taxes, shortage of fuel and general discontet, with the result of 20 people shot by the police.

Malawi is a great country for cyclists. There is nearly no traffic and the locals also cycle to get from one place ot another as well as they transport all kinds of goods with the bike. And we met many foreign cyclists on the road, like Corinne from Switzerland, together with Jose from Spain[], then Debbie und Metthew from Great Britain[], later Rodriguez from Argentinia, a cyclist from Germany and South Africa and last but not least the dutch couple Roland und Annemieke, who invite us to their house in Dar es Salaam. From Matthew, whom we met in Vic Falls []
we hear, that he tries to get through from South- to North-Sudan. As you easily see, we are not the only ones cycling through Africa.