Travel Report No. 39, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil until Rio de Janeiro, from 15.6. until 20.07.2010

The sky was crying when we left Buenos Aires therefor we did not see too much during the boat trip across the delta. The administration at the arrival in Uruguay was fast. Each time we cross a border, we are astonished, what a boundary line causes. Here in Uruguay we are amazed at how much bolder and more talkative people are. Cycling north, along the Río Uruguay through hilly and green country, was very enjoyable and an ideal, easy route after such a long break.

To enter Brazil for just one day, there was no necessity of stamping the passports. Again back into Argentina for a few days before we finally entered Paraguay. This is the second poorest country in South America. But we are impressed. The south of Paraguay with its green hills planted with corn, soybeans, mate tea bushes and citrus fruits was beautiful. The people are very cordial, including the Guarani - the indigenous people who live mostly extremely poor. They wave to us, put the thumb in the air, and we regret to have to leave the country so quickly. The visit to the Jesuit ruins in Trinidad, sites in which the Jesuits before their expulsion in 1767 lived, worked and often protected the Guarani against the slave traders, was interesting and informative.

At the border in Ciudad del Este, crossing into Brazil, we found a moving chaos which is hard to imagine. Here blooms the smuggling.

The visit of the fantastic Igazu waterfalls on the side of Argentina and the meeting with Hannes and Annelies ( were awaiting us. We enjoyed the two days of being together with the two amiable Austrian/Swiss cyclists.

Then the final entry into Brazil where we will be travelling for the next four months. With a host of Warmshower we were so happy to be able to stay in Foz do Igacu. Amiable Nelson and his mother spoiled us in an amazing and cordial manner, and the conversation was held in Portuñol and made us all often laugh. Especially for us, Nelsons mother cooked a very tasty feijoada (the national dish of Brazil). Besides the visits of the triangle of the countries Argentina / Brazil / Paragay, the giant Itaipu power plant (data from Wikipedia) and once more the waterfalls, were on the program. From the brazilian side there is a great overview of 275 waterfalls with its roaring waters.

A 24 hour bus ride took us then to Rio de Janeiro. Arriving at the bus station in Rio, a friend of Nelson, lovable Leandro and his fellow cyclist Pablo, were waiting for us. Together we cycled through Rio, then along the beautiful white beaches, like the famous Copacabana, and looked at the Sugar Loaf. The next day we pedaled through the tropical landscape to Corcovado (Jesus statue) with a spectacular view of Rio. More than one week we already enjoy the super great hospitality of Leandro. In no other previously visited South American countries, we have met such dear, friendly people like here in Brazil!

From Rio we will ride up north, along the coast for about 5300 km to Belem, and from there on the Amazon river by boat towards Colombia. We are thrilled to soon meet our daughters, Nicole and Beat will visit us in northeastern Brazil and Tanja in Colombia.

Camping in Uruguay

Jesuits ruins in Trinidad Paraguay

Along the road in Paraguay

Itaipu damm Brasil

Igazu waterfalls

Warmshower hosts

with Leandro und Pablo on Copacabana in Rio

View from the climb to Corcovado in Rio