Travelreport No. 35 - Interim report from Bolivia 22.9. - 27.10.2009

Bolivias seat of goverment, the City of La Paz, lays squeezed and absolutely stunning between rocks and is built on steep slopes in a canyon. An incredible view for anyone arriving from the Altiplano. For once, the people of less economic fortune which live at the highest points of the city in makeshift brick houses, have the best outlook. From the 4000m high plateau the road winds down to the city center to 3600m.

Our arrival was not what we expected it to be. The last 100 km - along the beautiful Lake Titicaca and great vistas of the mountains - we had to take a bus. The sciatic nerv hurt Pius so much, that it was not possible to ride on by bike. Over a month we are now in La Paz. While Pius has to endure medical treatement and therapies, I (Magrit) enjoy this lively city. And - together with another Swiss biker couple - cycle the Deathroad. A dramatic descend from the La Cumbre Pass on 4600m for 3000m down to the tropical lowlands, on a narow gravel road, flanked by stunning vertical scenery. A frightful and unforgettable adventure. The ride back in a bus which just about fits on the road was even more scary - and the uncountable crosses along the way speak their own language.

Our friends Adi and Ines from Vals visited us here in La Paz, and we spent a very enjoyable week together. Now they left towards Salar of Uyuni, an immense saltpan in the southwest of Bolivia. And this is exactely the place we want to cycle to in about one weeks time. We hope the chinese therapie works better than the mainstream medicine and frees Pius from the pain and enables us to travel on after this long mandatory break. So keep your fingers crossed!